These are the rules (and emoticons) for the Brandom Wiki Chat.

No Harassing Other Users - Harassing other users is a serious offense.

No Spamming - Don't fill the chat with meaningless gibberish.

No Malicious Links - Links to pornography sites, shock sites, etc is strictly prohibited, and will result in a ban.

Chat Emoticons

Wikia Emoticons

Emoticon_laughing.png (laughing) :D :-D Emoticon_angry.png (angry) >:O >:-O
Emoticon_mario.png (mario) Emoticon_argh.png (argh)
Emoticon_moon.png (moon) Emoticon_BA.png (ba) (mrt)
Emoticon_ninja.png (ninja) Emoticon_batman.png (batman)
Emoticon_nintendo.png (nintendo) Emoticon_blush.png (blush) :] :-]
Emoticon_no.png (no) (n) Emoticon_books.png (books)
Emoticon_owl.png (owl) Emoticon_confused.png (confused) :S :-S
Emoticon_pacmen.png (pacmen) (pacman) (redghost) Emoticon_content.png (content)
Emoticon_peace.png (peace) Emoticon_cool.png (cool) B) B-)
Emoticon_pirate.png (pirate) (arr) Emoticon_crying.png (crying) ;-( ;( :'(
Emoticon_sad.png (sad) :( :-( Emoticon_fingers_crossed.png (fingers crossed) (yn)
Emoticon_silly.png (silly) :P :-P Emoticon_frustrated.png (frusturated) >:-/ >:/
Emoticon_stop.png (stop) Emoticon_ghost.png (ghost) (swayze)
Emoticon_unamused.png (unamused) :| :-| Emoticon_happy.png (happy) :-) :)
Emoticon_heidy.gif (heidy) (squirrel) Emoticon_heart.png (heart) (h) <3
Emoticon_wink.png (wink) ;) ;-) Emoticon_hmm.png (hmm)
Emoticon_yes.png (yes) (y) Emoticon_indifferent.png (indifferent) :/ :-/

Discord Emoticons

Emoticons taken from the Brandom Discord

Usage examples include,

(RIPCadbury) RIPCadbury LazyCryPlz EVIL1 NestleMilkChocolate Chips AirHorn